We Supply Commercial Boats- Cabotage- Cruise Ships

Unlimited Service

24 hour service, distribution realisation even on official holidays, independence of schedules and inappropriate conditions.


All the provided services are realised by experienced and trained personnel, a fact that guarantees the successfull transaction of all complicated processes and actions that compose the supply of a vessel.


The strict specifications and the observation of ISO2000 and HACCP processes in storage, management and distribution of our products- mainly in frail- ensure and guarantee the most excellent quality of all products that our customers receive.

Stability in Quality and Prices

The plenitude of our warehouses, the large volume of imports and the agreements we achieve with businesses abroad guarantee stability of the quality and our prices for long time intervals.

Cover in All the Harbours of Greece and Europe

We undertake the absolute responsibility of your order until the final delivery of the products on the boat. We allocate our privately owned refrigerator trucks and seperate departements which deal exclusively with the exports and the supply of boats except Greece, so that we always keep our promise.

Plenitude in the Supply Sectors

We keep close communication with all our customers and we attend to immidiately achieve their each demand and our every obligation towards them.

Constant Development

In order to cover the continuously increasing requirements and needs of our customers, we attend to constantly upgrade the benefits and the services that we offer to them.

Our Vision

Maintaining the daily acceptance our work receives and the progressive recognition in the market, we aspire in the permanent maximisation and optimisation of our services as well as the always more vital satisfaction of the needs of our customers.